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York University
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Welcome to the York University LiveJournal Community, where everyone complains about everything and disagrees about most things. yorku is the place for your York University related questions, information about York University events and for meeting fellow York University students.

The community search engine. Search here before you post.

exact phrase

Also before posting all we ask is that you:

  • create a free lj account to comment
  • stay on topic (no non-York related advertising, requests or rambling)
  • post off-topic comments in yorku's sister community yorkdrama or other related York communities (listed below). Please do not cross-post to different York communities.
  • NEW: Posts for selling or buying textbooks must be LJ-cut and uncut spacing is to be minimized. This is out of courtesy of the ~422+ people watching this community on their friends page.
  • Anything YFS/CFS/election, we ask you just put it underneath a LJ-Cut.

    Entries disobeying the rules will be deleted. Repeat offenders/failure to comply will result in banning. It's also not up for discussion. There are plenty of other places to post the above specified disallowed material. Please be courteous and help keep this community clutter,drama and spam free.

    To answer what keeps getting asked.

    If you applied for OSAP by June 15th, you are granted 1 month leniency to get your account paid off, meaning the one percent (1%) interest fee will be waived for the months of Septemer and January.This doesn't mean its a vacation from paying your tuition, its just a few extra weeks to find funds and ensure that line-ups to get osap papers filed are of reasonable length.
    Last important piece of advice:
    Before posting a question to the community, please try looking for the solution in Google's York University search engine, the MEMORIES, yorku's own LJSeek search or the list of links below.

    Any questions or comments go to amme5832 or greenoxymoronorrachelashleigh or sleepy_sheep. Please don't bother us because your comments/posts have been erased. Obviously your comments/posts were deemed unacceptable don't belong here if that's the case.


    Other York-related communities

    • yorkdrama - Make friends (or enemies?)
    • glendonites - Glendon Campus Community
    • ysdn - York/Sheridan design students
    • vanier - Vanier college
    • pondroad - for those in Pond Road residence
    • osgoodehall - for the law students
    • queeryork - Queer Student @ York: Gay and Lesbian community of York
    • yorkscribes - Outlet for aspiring writers to showcase their their work, get feedback, and exposure.
    • housing4york - Look for and advertise off-campus housing here.
    • ratemyprof_york - Check your prof and/or course listing here.

    Other Sites:
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